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Sunday, June 04, 2006

How do we treat the old lady?

‘The way you treat the old lady is the lesson that you teach the kid’
Dory Previn

Earth is our home; the planet nurtures us and sustains us, and it tolerates our reckless behaviour. How much longer it can continue to do this remains to be seen.

Earth has gone through geological periods lasting millions and millions of years. We may think of the Carboniferous Period, when much of the world was underwater; when our limestone rocks were formed by the remains of shellfish as these seas dried.

Dinosaurs roamed during the Jurassic Period; life ‘exploded’ during the Cambrian, but what of this time; the age in which we live, in which we behave so recklessly towards our revolving life giver.

‘The grimace period’ would be an appropriate name, particularly if we left the naming to interested parties other than the human race.

Robert L. Fielding

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