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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Cuillin Hills, Skye

Not for the inexperienced, or the faint-hearted, the magnificent Cuillin Hills of Skye are remote, with access from Glen Brittle.

Coming over from Sligachan way, the Cuillin Hills (mountains are often called hills in Scotland) appear round a bend in the road and then dominate utterly from then on.

Unlike some 'hills' on Skye, the Cuillins are bereft of plant life below their craggy summits. The practice grounds for Everest climbers, the Cuillins are among Scotland's most difficult mountains to climb and traverse, particularly in winter.

Even down on the sea shore in Glen Brittle, with the high hills as a backdrop, they dominate and change the feel of the beach and foreshore. It isn't that they trivialise the shore, but that they set it in a certain context, placing it in safety and accessibility.
Robert Leslie Fielding

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