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Friday, August 04, 2006

St. Mungo and Glasgow Cathedral

Visiting the beautiful cathedral in Glasgow was an experience in more ways than the obvious one; the place is suffused with Scottish history, from the statue of David Lingstone outside, to the sanctity of the magnificent interior of the cathedral.

I would personally like to thank the staff of the cathedral for being so helpful and friendly. One lady pointed out to my wife, who is Turkish, that the name of a famous battlefield and those who fell there is commemorated - Gallipoli is well known as the 1915 battlefield where so many on both sides fell. Not quite so well known is the fact that it is my wife's birthplace, though that event took place a long time later.

What we have in common makes conversation easier and as I got talking to the helpful lady taking money for postcards and generally guiding people who asked questions, we came to our common ground. It was this, her father and my grandfather had both joined the Canadian Black Watch regiment, and then transferred to the Scottish regiment once back on British soil, prior to going to France to fight.

Happily, both lived to tell the tale. It is interesting to wonder whether these two men ever met - many a good story has been developed from such coincidences.

Robert L. Fielding

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