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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Spiritualists in Uppermill

The Spiritualist Church near what used to be known as River's Lea in Uppermill, is a tranquil place, full of moment.

As we sat and relaxed, meditated on things past, and on people who are sadly no longer with us, I felt something of the weight of ages, of the lives of those who brought us here - not just immediate parents, though them above all, but the weight of the ages of the generations of people who we owe so much to.

I'm not sure that I believe the dead can talk, at least not in conventional ways that we can hear using our senses, but I do believe we are in their debt for bequeathing this world we live in to us.

As John Buchan, the novelist and former Governor General of Canada as Lord Tweedsmuir, the only way we can pay that debt is to put the coming generations in debt to us.

Robert Leslie Fielding

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