Traveller's tales

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glasgow today - for me

At one time, I thought of the city of Glasgow, only as the birthplace of my grandmother, Ruby Leslie.

I thought of Glasgow as the home of the'lions of Lisbon' who I roared on, watching with my grandfather, Ruby's husband, Evans, by his hearty fireside as he puffed on his pipe and cheered every wonderful goal.

I thought of Glasgow as the home of iron and steel, of shipbuilding and of the Polmadie Locomotive Sheds I longed to visit as a lad.

I thought of Glasgow as the city in which people spoke with a strong accent - Glaswegian, in the way one of my lecturers spoke in Faraday Lecture Theatre at Lancaster University - his name was David Denver, you might know him or remember his rich tones as he spoke of the oddities of voting behaviour in the 70s in General Elections.

Today, I think of Glasgow as the home of my friends, of happy times in Dennistoun, of the Chinese students there, of a grand day on Glasgow Green, at the World Pipe Band Championships, and above all, of the warm, friendly people of Glasgow.

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